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autodrop items when leaving server

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This may have been suggested before but anyway.


I think it may be a good idea to make all players automatically drop all items except unique items when they leave the server. I think this would decrease the negative effect of griefers(apologies if that is not spelled correctly) by returning any items they may have taken to the camp in a pack of some kind, then when they rejoin the server if the pack is still there everything will be returned to them and if it is not they will spawn at the portal or possibly the camp and automatically be given the starting items(if that feature is implemented), that way they won't instantly die if their items have been used by other players.


Just an idea and one that is not fully developed yet but I wanted to see what you guys thought about it.

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This is a frequent suggestion, so you have people backing you up. Klei has some ideas that they seem giddy to implement, so you might not see very many people giving good responses to your thread until Klei shows their new update. Letting them know how many players are asking for anti-griefer things, always helps them know how to stay on track with what we want. So it is a good thing to post your suggestions.

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Just a heads up that tomorrow's update will make it so that any item that is non-potato-able is also dropped when exiting a server. For now, the system uses the same tag and modders can add additional items to the list by adding that tag to other items. If I see a reason to differentiate the two in the future, we may end up splitting it into a separate tag.

The update link: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/45237-stuck-in-the-middle-with-ewe-dont-starve-together-closed-beta-update-2/


I'm no expert at this stuff, but apparently you can do this. Perhaps a mod could be made? Or command used? - I'm not sure. But it's possible.


But honestly, I agree with Shigad. I wouldn't recommend requiring all items to be dropped, when you come back to the server and it's winter and you got nothing again and someone took all your things and you disconnected in a bad area or such. The outlook would look grim, and with the current ghost sanity drop, the rest of the players on the server could get a negative effect by this. If you wanted to add more special items like glands or silk, I guess that's okay, but twigs and grass I'm not sure. But it apparently can be possible to do. I like the current system they have in place of force dropping the eyebone though. :)


But yeah, someone can still swipe your things move them around, maybe just take all the stuff to a corner of the world. I'm not sure how much help that would be.

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