Holocircuit Overloaders and multiple cloaks - working as intended?

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I recently had a game where Deckard ended up with:

His personal Augment (+1 movement)

x2 Chameleon Movement (+3 movement when he activates a cloak)

Holocircuit Overloaders (knock out everyone in a nearby radius when he activates a cloak)




Three cloaks

His personal one

Normal one that gave 4 tiles of movement

Better one that gave a full turn of movement


I was in a particularly sticky situation and figured that if I used a 4-tile cloak, it would get me into position to literally knock out EVERY guard on the map with a second cloak.


So I did it.  activated the 4-tile cloak, snuck into the middle of the mob (4 tiles away) and then let loose with the second cloak.


What happened?
1) The second cloak cooldown activated

2) Nothing else.


NO +movement

NO knocking out enemies

NO additional tiles of cloaked movement



Apparently you cannot use a cloak while already cloaked.

And you can't leave cloak after 4 tiles of movement, you have to move into a visible situation on your 4th tile.


I'm not sure I agree with that.  The overloaders are supposed to channel the power of the cloak's holocircuits and make a knockout AOE attack.  I believe this should happen regardless of the character's current state of cloaked-ness or not.

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I agree. Stealth effects not stacking on top of each other almost ruined a fabulous plan I once had. The strange thing is, I could kind of expect that 4-tile stealth won't be turned into a full-turn stealth by Cloak III. Quess I have learned to expect such weirdness from the game?


Chameleon movement not proccing I can understand. It says it only activates when the user becomes cloaked, not when invisibility is extended. I wonder if you could get infinite AP by abusing Chameleon movement and a smoke bomb? (move in and out of smoke)

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We didn't account for cloaking while cloaked, but we think you should be able to. We'll try and get that updated for the next patch. Thanks guys :-)


Now you can cloak while cloaked, but the Chameleon doesn't trigger the second time you cloak. Not sure of the overloaders do. Can anyone confirm/add? Is this on purpose?

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