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  1. Ok. The minimap does seem to work in other rooms indeed. I've arrived at day 61, but can't find an aporcalypse calendar. I ran c_countprefabs("aporkalypse_clock") and it said there are 0 aporcalypse_clock's in the world (0 asleep). This is rather hard
  2. Minimap, is that that mod people use? This save is without mods, because I was betatesting. The game went flawless before visiting that ant queen. She often bugs me.
  3. I went into ant queens lair with 4 guards, smacked her around a bit. Suddenly the music stopped playing. Only sound effects from getting hit. After retreating a room to heal (I always clear the previous room for that purpose), I saved & closed to get the music back. Now, when reentering the room, it crashes. Wormwood, day 39. Beta branch. Save file as attachment. 219740-2019-05-03-wormwood ant queen.zip
  4. Same here. Started in Hamlet, built skyworthy, go to RoG, die, meat effigy in hamlet but respawned in a "black" area, tried walking to the island but when entering a house, it showed the house interiour but no player model and charlie killed me.
  5. Same here, today. Bought a tooth for 5, can't sell it. A tooth is not "giveable".
  6. Hi, I can confirm I have the same issue as Wickerbottom in Shipwrecked. Read the book "Birds of the world", interface dissapears, and the game "hangs" (does nothing). I tried saving and doing it again, bug happened again. When I moved to another location (jungle, not middle of the base), the book did work. When I tried it middle of my base (lots of structures, twigs, grass, coffee plants, beach), it "hung".
  7. Dedicated Server failed to start

    Guessing caves are the problem? Caveless will run.
  8. Dedicated Server failed to start

    Same here. [00:00:12]: Sim paused [00:00:13]: [Error] Master Server Broadcast Error: DB_FAIL [00:00:13]: [Error] Sending startup error to client: Master server broadcast failed [00:00:13]: [IPC] Signal 'DST_Master_ErrStartup' opened #000005B8 [00:00:13]: [IPC] Sending signal... #000005B8 [00:00:13]: [IPC] Received shutdown signal.
  9. I also lost all my saved games. The morgue is empty, and every character is locked again. What gives?