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  1. Same here. Started in Hamlet, built skyworthy, go to RoG, die, meat effigy in hamlet but respawned in a "black" area, tried walking to the island but when entering a house, it showed the house interiour but no player model and charlie killed me.
  2. Same here, today. Bought a tooth for 5, can't sell it. A tooth is not "giveable".
  3. Hi, I can confirm I have the same issue as Wickerbottom in Shipwrecked. Read the book "Birds of the world", interface dissapears, and the game "hangs" (does nothing). I tried saving and doing it again, bug happened again. When I moved to another location (jungle, not middle of the base), the book did work. When I tried it middle of my base (lots of structures, twigs, grass, coffee plants, beach), it "hung".
  4. Guessing caves are the problem? Caveless will run.
  5. Same here. [00:00:12]: Sim paused [00:00:13]: [Error] Master Server Broadcast Error: DB_FAIL [00:00:13]: [Error] Sending startup error to client: Master server broadcast failed [00:00:13]: [IPC] Signal 'DST_Master_ErrStartup' opened #000005B8 [00:00:13]: [IPC] Sending signal... #000005B8 [00:00:13]: [IPC] Received shutdown signal.
  6. I also lost all my saved games. The morgue is empty, and every character is locked again. What gives?