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  1. Fan Art Thread

    Since I'm allowed to contribute to the art contents of this thread, I decided I could just as well just contribute (to the art contents of this thread). Here's Internationale, hacking something. Probably mr. Sharp's brains to upload a zillion kitty pictures there. Serves him right for being so full of himself. Or maybe she's just doing fun things with Security's desktops. First of all, I'm sorry that her fingers look so gross. Drawing human hands is an eternal struggle to me, and I don't even draw all that much. Hopefully it's at least recognisable as Internationale. Next time I'll try to make a silly stickman comic about Invisible!
  2. I did have "working signposts" and "better gunpowder" mods active for some time in Survival mode, but if I remember right, I had them both disabled by the time I entered Maxwell's Door. An update automatically disabled them, and I haven't re-activated them yet.
  3. Thank you for looking into this. I'd really love to be able to play my best world again. Here comes the file,I believe it's the right one: log.txt
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Do you use mods? no Version Number A Moderately Friendly Update on Steam Issue title Game shuts down in Adventure mode Steps to reproduce Move about a screen or so distance away from the starting point in Two Worlds adventure level Describe your issueI'm playing adventure mode with Wendy, world 3, Two Worlds. If I try to move away from the starting point, the game will inevitably crash with no error message. Every other save file and world works just fine. Before the current issue, the game crashed upon entering a new world, and then it had an error message. I have tried re-installing, re-installing the installers and verifying game cache integrity (The latter at least 5 times). I am not adept at computing (which is quite obvious from the fact that I accidentally posted this unready and from the whole overlay of this thing), but I've noticed that every time the crash happens, a new MDMP-file is created. I will try to attach one in this post, if it can help in any way. dontstarve_steam_84120_crash_2013_9_1T18_14_3C0.mdmp