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When will this go to open beta?

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I'm not sure if this is covered elsewhere (it didn't seem to fit with the "key depot" theme) but do we have a timeframe on when all copies of DS will "become" or have access to DST?  I thought I remembered Klei saying they expected to open it up before the end of the year?


I'm asking because every year my cousins, uncle and dad all show up at my house for 4 days around new years for 4 days of crazy lan party gaming and I was seriously hoping to have DST available in time for the NYgamefest! :)


Thanks, and happy holiday folks :)



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Ah excellent. So worst case I can have one of them buy into the beta for 2 more keys since my wife and I are already in the beta (and have 2 extra keys already)?

Thanks for the info and response!

Have a happy holiday!

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