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  1. Well I own nearly every game made by Klei and even got my wife Klei stuff from their online store (winter hat, lanyard, etc). But this is totally flat unacceptable. Another company on my probably permanent naughty list. By putting it on epic you went from two instant sales (one for each of our PCs) to my wife never even knowing it existed (she doesn't check gaming sites and she certainly doesn't check the epic store) and me scratching it from my list, possibly forever. One thing I've noticed is I've scratched every single exclusive epic has hoovered up so far and you know what? My games list of games I want this and next year is *still* longer then I'll be able to play (and I have lots of free time). I hope it was a big check.
  2. I disagree that it *requires* a push. Just look at the popularity of all the sandbox games right now? Heck people play that moon base game just to bounce around and play text to speech music (if you haven't seen this, look it up. It's both disturbing and hilarious). My wife loves Don't Starve. Yet she only really plays a small subset of the game. No winter, extra beefalo, extra pigs, less hounds, and she doesn't explore the caves, etc. Yet she has put 400+ hours into it, probably 10 times as much as me or more. If she had been forced to play it exactly as developed (winter, specific hound frequency, etc) I'm not sure she would still be playing. I just don't ever understand people arguing for LESS options (and maybe your not, this is just a general statement).
  3. The important thing to remember though is your watching a modded game, a server setup *specifically* to cater to this setup. The base game works nothing like the series your watching. If it did then you probably wouldn't be watching that video series because It likely wouldn't exist (because minecraft would never have become the hit it is if it played like that). Btw, what is the series called? Just minecraft hardcore? It sounds like an interesting series!
  4. Except there has been an option to turn it off almost since day one. Mods. Or even the occasional backup/copy of the game files (and replacing them when you die). Just because you have no self control doesn't mean the option needs artificially limited because it would disturb your style of play. Heck one of the greatest things about PC gaming is being able to play something the designers never imagined there game doing. But, back directly on topic. Yes, the game should have "permadeath", but like someone else said, only have as much permadeath as it already has (there are plenty of ways to respawn in the game at the moment, even without mods). The main thing to see here (which should be obvious) is if klei doesn't create some way to drop-in/drop-out and some way to reasonably easily continue playing (on the same map) as your friends, then multiplayer will be an unmitigated failure. If it's only feasible to play with equally skilled players, and a mistake punts you from the game forever most people will give up on it in a short time. Maybe a dayZ style return to the "beach" naked and alone with no inventory (and in PvE no dropped inventory unless being resurrected by something). Or a series of resurrection options to choose from at game start. Say from a sandbox style "instant respawn, no loss" all the way to permadeath unless you had some resurrection item or effigy or similar (basically identical to SP). But provide the option regardless.