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Where to begin....


CHAPTER 1: The Start of Something Horrible

      My 2 friends and I - they were playing as WX-78 & Willow, I was playing as Wickerbottom - had just received our keys, and we were ready to start a new DS world together. Now I was the leader of the group, as both of them had less than 4 hours of playing the base game (compared to my 172) and at the very start we already began to come across some problems. The trolliest of friends (who i shall refer to as Scrub) had picked the perfect character for his personality, Willow. At first he used the lighter for useful things, such as an infinite light source to collect resources during the night, but he soon realized the terror he could cause with the tiny item. Any object he couldn't identify ("totally normal" trees, renegade pig farms, reeds, etc.) was immediately set on fire. This caused a food shortage, after he accidentally burned down an entire forest along with 14 berry bushes.



      Now we had to turn to other sources of food, which (un)luckily was fine because we had come across a heard of beefalo and multiple spider dens to keep us alive. Being Wickerbottom I had the ability to create spears, log suits, and football helmets (found & hammered touchstone pig heads) for the three of us, allowing us to kill a couple of beefalo without too much trouble. We were about an hour and a half into the game now without dying, and I had to go eat in real life. I stood next to the campfire wearing full armor, and had 10 boards waiting in a chest next to the fire so there was almost no chance of me dying (I also told them to force feed me 2 steaks for every in-game day I was gone). During the 15 minute time period I was gone, it had apparently started raining. My WX-78 friend (Who i shall refer to as Mr. Pie) didn't know the danger that entailed this, and kept on his merry way exploring even though he didnt have an umbrella. Also, besides our alchemy engine, campfire, and 3 chests there was no lightning rod. Mr. Pie was struck by lighting once, and Scrub told me that they both started laughing at how unlucky he was (they didnt notice the negative effects). 50 seconds later he was struck a second time, now being completely insane. I had now finished my dinner, and came back to see myself being assaulted by nightmare creatures, with very little hunger (30 some points i think). They both were yelling at me the problems they were having, and now Scrub had also gone insane, and started lighting fires around himself. Our 3 chests were already full (thank god chests cant burn yet BTW) so many superflous items were tossed on the ground. All the items went up in flames, which was especially bad because we had our spider glands on the ground. Having next to no food, I said we should quickly hunt a beefalo lest this be the end of our run. I soloed one, and Scrub & Mr. Pie went on a flower-picking adventure to regain sanity. Failing to kill a beefalo, i was now at 16 hp and 8 hunger. Reasoning that it would be more effective to simply revive my ghost, i told them i would put all my items in the chests, and commit suicide.


Chapter 3: Steadily Going More Downhill

      What I didnt realize is that neither of them knew what the telltale heart was, or how to create it. After urging them to kill some spiders, it took them around 7 mins for them to requip themselves because all of their armor/spears had broken. Being a ghost steadily re-drained their sanity, and now they were starting to become insane again. finally, they head to the spider dens, and got partially mauled by warrior spiders, leaving them both with around 50 hp. Mr. Pie crafted the telltale heart and revived me, but we were all starved, injured, and insane.


Chapter 4: The End

      Now we made an emergency hunting party to get 1-3 more beefalo. We all charged the grassland, hit a single beefalo and then we saw something we'd thought we'd never see: The Stampede. 9 Beefalo in the heat were coming at us, driving us straight into the spiders. We tried fighting back, and I tanked for my friends dying again but allowing them to survive. We had an extra gland, so this time Scrub gave me a heart, leaving him with next to no hp. I had to leave again (restroom) and after coming back I learned that apparently Scrub had died while trying to solo a tier 3 spider den with a grass suit. Mr. Pie tried to hunt beefalo, but was overwhelmed and I was left alone with 21 hp, which would kill me if I made a heart. After a heavy and depressing decision, I decided to go out like a man and ran straight into the darkness and killed myself to start anew with my friends. 


Long story I know :razz:, but that was the very first experience of playing DST with my 2 friends.


Edit #1: I was revived a second time, Mr. Pie revived me after Scrub died.

Edit #2: Now with makeshift Paragraph/Chapter Thingies

Edit #3: COLORS!

Edit #4: Fixed Edit #1 to say " Edit #1:"

Edit #5: Fixed "Scrub" in line 7 to be entirely purple

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