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[Gameplay] Welcome To The Server Message From Host

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Much like how Maxwell first introduces Wilson to the world of Don't Starve, I'd like there to be a dynamic Welcome To The Server Message that the host sets up for each player that joins the server, both to either new or recurring players on the server.


This feature would go something like this:

  • Host reopens a server world that he has a basic camp set up already and in this world he is playing Maxwell. Then on the creation page alongside server name, password and description there will be a fourth text box entitlted "Welcome Message".
  • Host will type the following into the fourth text box:

"Hello [player/character]! There should be some basic stuff around spawn for you to use. Feel free to take what you need, then head southeast from spawn and follow the first path you see. I'll be around there. /n/n See you soon, [player/character]!"

  • Upon entering the server, the host will not see the Welcome Message, because that is the host's welcome message to other players who will join the server, new or old.
  • Once a new player joins, and directly after choosing a character he/she will spawn in the world with the following pop-up dialogue box.

  • Then during the game if the host decides he wants a different welcome message, he can replace the welcome message text by typing the following:

/welcomemsg Hello [player]! I'm closing the server within the next 30minutes.

  • Doing so, will replace the entry in the welcome message and that new message will show for all new or old players entering the server from then on.

And that's the entirety of my suggestion, I aware that it may seem redundant as there is already a Description text box that would suffice for the task. But this is just an idea I'd like to share that may help with delving into DST. I hope that makes sense.


Thank you for taking the time to read, sorry for the mishap of accidentally submitting this thread early.



  • I used /n as break line in the welcome message as a placeholder, I do not know programming well enough to suggest anything better.
  • Notice that since the host is playing Maxwell, the welcome message will use Maxwell's big portrait. If host is playing another character, the dialogue box would use the host's respective big portrait. Unless klei introduces new artwork for it, it'll be the big portraits for now.
  • I hope it was ok for me to use the game data in Don't Starve to create the sample image. If that is discouraged, I'm sorry. Mods are free to delete/remove/close this thread.
  • As for the "Hello [player/character]!..." part it can either pertain to the username of the player or the character they are using. i.e. If I(Zillvr) joined the server as Wickerbottom. It can either show "Hello Zillvr!..." or "Hello Wickerbottom!..." depending on the consensus of which is better.
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The biggest problem I've had with putting information in the description is that apparently nobody reads it...


So this would be very nice to have.


Edit: And that mockup you made looks awesome. It would fit right in to use that directly.

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