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Australian Players

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From my experience, there are a few AUS players in DST and I'm sure the was a player hosted server with [AUS] in their server name. Either keep an eye out for them during the times when most people could probably be at home, playing or host your own server with [AUS] in the server name.


Either way, I hope you find the best server you can reliably play DST on or find the right people to play with on your own server. 

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Hey All,


I got my DST beta key today. Are there any games happening in Australia? I'm still fairly new to DT and the furtherest that I've achieved is day 50 in vanilla. I'll be available on random nights.






ADFTEAM.COM are an Australian Team and recruiting players.


You can join Teamspeak at ts.adfteam.com

We are looking for a server admin for the game and have a dedicated server through ClanHost.com.au.



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Thanks Pyromailmann and Zillvr.

I roam around invading servers from time to time, and I've had good ping with AUS servers... mostly... just PM me the name of the server and I'll see if I can... uh... see... your server O__O


I also play on random times O__O

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