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  1. Thanks bjklein89. Everyone please be aware of redeeming the SW gift with mods enabled. I had the following mods enabled (Gesture Wheel, Minimap Hud, Smart CrockPot, Finder) and the game encountered an error just as the gift was unwrapping. Now the key is redeemed but the gift isn't in my collection. Edited... This is actually just a bug with the item only being available in the beta branch and the issue is already in the bug tracker.
  2. [Game Update] - 190713

    It's great to see some focus being put on Don't Starved Shipwrecked.
  3. I support the random orientation when starting to give compass a use.
  4. Caves are not added yet. They will be added at some point in the future.
  5. They could have chosen not to release an 'Early Access' version and you still wouldn't have the game. Games take time to develop. The beta version at least allows player feedback and a larger community to find bugs. This should actually get the game to you more quickly than if it was kept secret and tucked away until it was ready. Also, Klei had no reason to offer this DLC for free. They could have put a price on it and some / a lot of people would have still purchased it. They didn't choose to put a price on the DLC though for people willing to wait. If you are impatient then you can buy it. Otherwise you can wait. They are a company so money definitely should play a part in their decision but even if this is the case I still think that they are doing a good job regarding their gaming community.
  6. Don't Starve Together Roadmap

    Yep. ROG content will be built-in to DST which you will eventually get for free once DST is released since you own DS. However, the ROG DLC for DS is still a separate purchase if you want to play ROG single-player content.
  7. What... is this!?

    It will certainly be interesting what the skins include.
  8. What... is this!?

    I wonder whether this will be a new, craftable item that can be used on skeletons that are left around everywhere in DST. Skeletons are like a renewable resource in DST unlike in standard DS. Of course, the hammer has already been changed to allow skeletons to be destroyed so there may be little use for a new item.
  9. Don't Starve Together Roadmap

    This is the current roadmap as of January 2015: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/49093-dont-starve-together-update-january-2015/
  10. @Axiba. Simple answer... you can't. Long answer... do a search, read some threads and you'll find out that DST is currently in a closed beta being tested by a very few people who signed up. You might get access in a few weeks / months when it goes to open beta.