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Custom Dialogue Question


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So Im making a character mod, and I have little coding experience, (I have a general gist) Anyway, I had a few questions:


-Can/How do... you get a custom speech lua file for a specfic built-in character?

-Where does the speech lua file go? Im pretty sure its in the prefabs folder, but I wanna brush that off.

-Does the .lua speech file have to be "(your 3 digit player nickname).lua"?

-How long does making the speech process take?

-Color coding in speech: is it possible? And how?


I would probabaly like most theese questions answered soon. 


Thank you!


With kind regards,




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  • Developer

Yes, you can make custom color lines, though I don't know exactly how to, Fidooop from the Markiplier mod might be the best person for you to ask about this, as for how long they take, well, it depends on your time and in how quickly you write them, as for the other things I don't know exactly :/

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