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Was in offline mode playing with my brother: lost all my stuff

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Basically title says it all. I was playing offline mode with my brother and got pretty far, we turned off server, turned it back on he was fine but it made me re chose what character to use, I chose wx who i was using before and now my inv is empty but my map is still as discovered. I had a ton of stuff and now I am MAD :C

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@SurpriseSubtext, Unfortunately I have no experience with offline mode myself, so I'm not sure. It kind of sounds a little similar to the Steam cloud saving bug that some other people were experiencing with online mode, but the fact that your brother was able to restart just fine makes your case different. You could try making the same edit to settings.ini that was made in that thread (if it doesn't look like that already), but other than that I don't know :(

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Hello SurpriseSubtext,


I'm sorry about your experience.


Offline mode is a total mess right now,  and we are doing a very poor job of communicating its limitations.  Currently, you should not be able to expect to resume a character in offline mode-  this is something we are going to address asap.


The other limitation (after the resume issue is fixed) is that worlds created for offline are not compatible with online play.  This means your offline worlds will stay offline.    This will be communicated better in an upcoming patch.


We are committed to supporting LAN/Offline mode, and the experience will improve.






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