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Hunters:  I'd like for something to be hunting me and the group that I'm playing with, make the game more of a challenge.  Frankly I think multiplayer opens up a lot of options for players to become monsters.  I'd prefer it to be a bushman (looks like made of grass, and can hide similar to bush hat)  with 50 hp, night vision/ immunity to darkness and a spear + some blow darts. (can also see recent footsteps)  The bushman has to kill all the survivors by day 10, or they win.

Simple game mode, but one i think would be a lot of fun.

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This could make an interesting mod... A bit beyond the scope of mods that are currently feasible in DST (e.g. this would really need a way for clients to automatically get the mod from the server), though, but let's see where mod support goes.

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