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I made this thread so as to prevent me from making a billion threads for different things. This is where the rest of my art or fanfic stuff that do not fit into The AU Ask Thread or the Pixel Art Thread will go. Critiques are always welcome, just don't be a jerk about it.

This one was a test for different effects, mainly with hair. I disappointed myself, but it's not too bad, so I may as well put it up. Stupid. Glare. It's so annoying. :/

smallbird_by_hydranoid09-d85fwtl.pngI'm proud of this one. It's just so adorable. Although the leg seems off to me...

Okay, I will update this when I feel the need. You can make requests, but I won't guarantee that they will get done. Edited by lionaxel
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Thanks. Now, here is a little journal thing that I am starting.

Day 1

I woke up in a strange land today. My memory is quite hazy. I only pray that this isn’t the afterlife, for if it is, then I have been sorely mistaken in my entire outlook. I vaguely remember that man. The one who led me to my fate as of now. I think he told me to find something to eat? Perhaps I should just starve myself. See if this really is life after death.

I have been stripped clean of all of my personal belongings, aside from my clothes and the flower of my sister. I actually quite pleased that I didn’t lose that on the way, for I quite like a play-date with Abigail every now and then.

Trees dotted the area that I was in. Flowers lined the ground. I don’t like flowers. It’s almost as if they are simply there to celebrate life. Life is not a thing that should be celebrated. It is something that ends as quickly as it starts and these flowers are here, living life in a bright and cheery way. Almost as if they feel invincible.

I gathered materials almost as soon as I woke up. Sticks and grass were among the supplies. Perhaps I don’t want to be here, but I’m not sure yet if I should defy that man. I even gathered some food. Seeds, berries, even a couple of carrots. I haven’t even thought about eating them though. I will stick to my plan of starving for now. This place carries a dark feel. I can sense the evil coursing through the veins of the ground. This atmosphere is just it’s masquerade.

Evening came shortly after I woke, though I kept moving. It was quite a serene time, a hazy orange glow illuminating the land that I must grow accustomed to. Twilight has always been one of my favorite times of day. They say it is a time where spirits cross into the world and, sometimes, I feel them. They keep me company, awaiting the day where I depart. I didn’t feel them today. Perhaps they don’t roam this world.

At the moment as I write this, all light has left the world. I have settled near a strange, empty circle of stone. It almost looks like something once lived there. I hope for their sake that they no longer do.

No moon adorns the sky and the stars are non-existent. Perhaps this is the world of my dreams. Where life shows it’s true colors. I wandered in the dark for not even a minute before I heard something approaching. I threw some logs that I had previously cut down on the ground and covered it with grass before setting fire to the tinder. I couldn’t see what had made the noise though. Perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me. Mocking my existence and tempting me as the devil himself would in his fiery pit of hell.

Now I have time to reflect and gather my thoughts. I saw much today in the few hours that I had been awake. More than I had seen before, in my home world. This place is much different than home, I can tell that much. It almost seems as if this world can tap into your thoughts and play your very nightmares. Something tells me that something wicked awaits me in the future. Something that I can look forward too.


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All right, I need help.


This is my unnamed OC who is obsessed with shadows and darkness. She takes this a bit too far. "Come closer, baneful Shadows" is basically her trying to communicate with the the Nightmare Creatures.
Sanity is strange with her. She starts at 0 sanity, but it can still go down. The max it can be is 50 sanity. She goes insane at 10 which seems low, but then you find out her minimum sanity: -150.
Due to her starting at 0 sanity, she starts with a Dark Sword.


She also needs a name. Here's some brief overview. She loves the dark and she absolutely hates light. Anything else? She can be sarcastic and very dark. She likes nightmares and she apparently "controls" her nightmares. Basically she's a lucid dreamer and can communicate with shadows and spirits. Whether its real or her own fantasy is unknown. She tries to befriend hostile shadow creatures when insane. I have no idea what another perk would be or her name.

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