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Darkness & Torches

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So far, I really love DTS. I can't wait to see how more and more features of DS gets implemented into DTS - and of course I'm looking forward to the update.


There's one thing I tend to do when I play with others, and that's bum a torch ride off of them at night. It would be interesting to see shadow hands come out and grab a survivor not quite right in the head ( possibly randomly even when sanity is at 100% just to keep people on their toes? ).  


Players have a choice to run after the grabbed friend to save them from Charlie ( Grue ) or...leave 'em behind? 


What do you guys think?

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While this initially sounds like a cool bit of flavor, I can see it becoming really annoying in the long-run. Random lightning striking you is pretty annoying as-is, and I'd rather not see more events of that sort added. If you're going to die, it should be your own fault, not the fault of the RNG :p

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