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  1. It's been a while but have some Wilson, Wendy, Crock Pot fanart.
  2. Oh dang! This whole time I was thinking of bicycles but beefalo riding is waaay better!
  3. I mean...he DOES have bones in his hair. Might as well just accept that it'll always stay that way!
  4. Woah, I let this thing die for so loooong D: I like to keep things tidy and all in one place - I hope ya'll dont mind me not making a new thread Art dump updated 1!!
  5. "In retrospect, freezing my hair wasn't such a great idea..." "I hope I won't get a cold shoulder for sporting my new ice hat" "I knew my invention to combat global warming would come in handy!" "Brain freeze!"
  6. Yeee copics! :3 I see some streaking happening, that generally happens when you try to do long strokes with a marker. I find it easier to avoid those by "scribbling" or doing quick circular motions with the marker. Or you could clone stamp it out in Photoshop, either method works Great draws regardless. Wilson's always so serious 0:
  7. Aawe, don't put yourself down like that. Keep your head up and you'll get there.
  8. I remember seeing a question like this on Tumblr a loooong loong time ago and I believe the rule is that it's fine to sell fan-art / take commissions as long as it isn't mass produced. It might be better if ya send this question to klei's e-mail, they probably will respond faster?
  9. I was trying to figure out how this would even work out and thought: For whatever reason the world is 'destroyed' or 'reset', and Maxwell is released from his throne to be sent back to Earth. Since a considerable amount of time has passed since he was taken to the island a time jump is initiated and he's back to William Carter's age. At the time of the world's destruction, Maxwell had already kidnapped all the characters - who are also being sent back to earth and effected by the time jump ( thus everyone being children. ) To make up for his dastardly deeds, Maxwell / William Carter ( Not sure if I want to use either just yet ) opens up an orphanage / day care to care for the children until they are either back to normal or grow up to lead productive lives. It's a long shot and I feel like I'm forcing a lot of things to happen, but I'm not sure how else to explain a Don't Starve Day Care @_@;;
  10. These are so great!! Oh gosh, the beefalo with the red butt - hahah!