2 Worlds collide DS meets Reality


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SO! Hello everyone it's Yetifoot suggesting a really cool idea for an RP where our wonderful world of Don't Starve! Meets.....






Yup! That's right, DS will meet reality in this rp, i hope alot of people join, I think you guys already know a lot of rp rules, no godmode, can't kill other chars without permission, you can have your OC's, ETC,ETC.


YUp those are the rules, the normal DS characters are avaliable. Just say which one you want before they're taken.















OH! i should also mention you can be a giant! yeah that's right, giant! I remembered in one of my rp's i am a giant, the legendary, and abomidable, yetifoot! But in this rp i will both my own version of WX-78, W9-83 and me as a bearger ( i like beargers), you can be multiple chars, just not more then 3, my 3rd character is my normal giant self.


Yeah so that's pretty much it! The more rp'rs the better, and the better they're at rping, the much more detail and thrill and greater it'll be! Have fun and don't Godmode my starver's!

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I will start us off! (BTW don't judge that all my chars are in the same place)



In the middle of a huge forested area in DS, the mythical giant Yetifoot had set up a camp, he had a fire pit that was 2x times larger then the normal fire pit humans made. It had a tent above it, but only the 3 long support beams, they were tied at the top above the fire, most likely for hanging meat....or people..... the yetifoot was not only known to just eat the Don't Starve beasts but also the prisoners that were unfortunate enough to encounter him.....suprisingly he had no dna strands connecting him to the human prisoners making him not a cannibalistic giant, but a normal man-eating giant, he had a baby beefalo hung over the fire pit and occasionally he used a spear he...."Accuired" to poke the beefalo and spin it around so 1 side wasn't overcooked and burn't, he hated burn't meat.

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(Not really, those Rp's are not the same compared to this, i plan for this one to be a bit more  fun, besides those have too many rules! Boo! I like people to have freedom, with little rules just to keep them in good graces! :D This is supposed to be fun and interesting, not strict with alot of rules, just fun with some rules)


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