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  1. *stares at Wakana thenstarts laughing and slapping knee* Yetifoot:Wakana *laughter*.......your not supposed to*chuckling* eat IT! *laughter*
  2. *positions animatronic versions of my friends* Boo ya! Finally got this done! Now to find a nightguard who would wana watch over these guys while i play FNAF 2

    1. Auth


      *walks into dining area*

  3. yetifoot sat with Lucy on his mind, especially after the strange giant fish woman thing he encountered in his nightmare, resembled lucy before she was turned into an axe. He couldn't get it out of his head, but he thought about all the things maxwell could've done, he then considered the fish thing to be a nymph or whatever that greek water woman thing was called, he never payed attention to history back in his youth so he just considered that was the explanation since DS was a strange place, especially after the weird events going on, he then took a swig of water then rested on the log he was sitting on. Yetifoot: "You got some cooking skills from back in the normal world wilson? You seem to know how to cook"
  4. Yetifoot lifted his head up and stared at Wakana questioningly. Yetifoot: " So apparently mandrakes have tounges.....or is it just you wakana?" Yetifoot had eaten many mandrakes before, but he never noticed they had tounges which officially weirded him out, while the snow bird appeared to be sitting on something as it was rubbing its underside down on something, it then curled it's neck under it's wing and went to sleep, as it slept it made a strange musical sound which sounded like "OoooooOOOOOoooOOOO" which was reliving the tense atmosphere and creating a relaxing atmosphere which put yetifoot to sleep, he slept on a pile of soft snow before konking out.
  5. I have done a more in depth research into the multiple life thing when you sleep and dream and my results are that you can be doing 3 THINGS! You can be living as another being on another plant or on earth doing whatever they're doing, 2nd you could possibly be looking into alternate realities and dimensions, 3rd you could be possibly looking into the past or future/ living it and or remembering a past life! Tell me what you think about this.

    1. wxps350


      Sometimes, I dream about Cheese.

    2. YetiFoot


      Perhaps you are a mouse whenever you dream about cheese?

  6. (amusing that it's like something similar to a pet cat that hates a certain person in the group and likes the others, this is just that same moment, BTW when are we gonna find out what happens to lucy?!) Due to the bird being larger then Wilson it didn't go flying, but it did get curious as to what the Mandrake hit it with and snatched it up in it's beak and, without effort snapped the object in 2, the tomahawk head fell off the top half and the bird looked at Wilson again with a icy glare whilist staring at his axe. Yetifoot came over and sat down in the snow next to the fire, he took out 4 hollowed but smooth stones and handed his friends some, then he took out a big one he had and drank some water from it, the bird tramped over to him and sat beside him for some reason. Yetifoot just scooted away from it a little cause he didn't like birds as a human.
  7. Yetifoot: "EEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!" yetifoot crashed into the snow and pulled his head out and shook his head clean of snow, while patting some small bits of it off his white beard. Yetifoot: "Thanks, the falling was actually fun, besides crashing into the snow... but thanks Wilson." The bird, whilist stunned by the scream wasn't killed, it then got back up and shook it's feathers back into a cleanly manner. It lowered its head down to wakana and gave him a good peck on the head before honk screeching at him at the same high pitch as his scream whie yetifoot sat down, but he also noticed in the snow fog quite a distance away, that a large creature was moving, its outline stood up and walked away, it had a distinct figure of a giant Yetifoot remembered and befriended, but he doubted it was the same one in this new world.
  8. ( ( @Blewcheese ( @Zomsabra ( @Silentdarkness1 ( @wxps350 WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!) ( ( @Blewcheese ( @Zomsabra ( @Silentdarkness1 ( @wxps350 WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!)
  9. ( @Blewcheese ( @Zomsabra ( @Silentdarkness1 ( @wxps350 WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!) ( @Blewcheese ( @Zomsabra ( @Silentdarkness1 ( @wxps350 WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?!)
  10. (got it) Yetifoot got very close to the swarm of Frost birds when the huge dragon-like beast swooped down and snatched him into the air, obviously it had intentions to eat him instead. Yetifoot: "AGH! Pu-Put me down you stupid animal! I am not food or whatever you think i am!" Yetifoot used his back legs to grab onto the beast's neck and got free, but the animal took him above air and they were out of sight, they started fighting right before they flew above the clouds.
  11. *is sleeping sprawled out on a pile of feathers, back laying against the softness* ZZZzzzzzzz.....ZZZZZzzzzz...

    1. Auth


      *is sleeping on top of you, using mats of yeti fur as a cozy blanket*


    2. YetiFoot


      *throws weirdo off while murmuring in sleep* I am......Zzzzzzzz.....not your blanket.........ZZZZZzzzzzzzz.....

    3. Auth


      *goes flying*

      *slams against wall*

      *hits floor*


  12. (well....i'll let my creatures come and spice things up a bit....) One of the large birds came over to wilson and dug right into his backpack, it pulled wakana out by his leaf hair and it looked at wilson for a good minute before going *Herp, Hherrooonk!* then running off to the other birds, the giant pill bugs were crawling around and were actually very long, their back ends got smaller and they looked like flat moving pieces of terrain. One of them was crawling up to a evergreen that was in tact and began chewing it from the top and slowly began to eat the tree's leaves. Some spiders with fluffy winter coats and big blue eyes were hopping over each other playfully, they were very fluffy and had big eyes with little legs, their fangs didn't show, and they were very small probably babies, at the same time their momma emerged from the forest of evergreens, she wasn't covered in webs but instead she had a big fluffy body and big mothering eyes, she made her way to a baby that was stuck on it's back, and she nuzzled it to play with it's 8 other siblings, the others were crawling next to her, and something with a small body walked out from above the tree's, it had HUGE thing legs, probably 10 ft long for just one leg, it had a pair of fangs though, but the similar appearence gave away what it was called, "Daddy long legs" He had fluffy white fur with blue eyes too, he appeared to be with the frost spider family that was playing around. The place was actually lively then the past times that anyone had gone, woodie remebered it easy, the place was very spacious, and rarley showed any signs of animal life, now it was like a sanctuary for new appearing beasts. Who knew what creatures spring,summer, and fall would bring. The one thief bird was easy to pick out from the others, it's feathers were very ruffled and not groomed in awhile by the looks, it had a dull black crest and it didn't look as proud and fancy as the other's though.
  13. ( @Blewcheese your turn, i did a long post so im letting you guys go ahead, i'm also patiently waiting to learn what happened to her.....IN PERSON! I just hope we're getting close to that part.)