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Any news or approximation as to when DST will be released?

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Okay so I've been pretty keen on playing DS multiplayer with my girlfriend, who also loves DS. We missed the whole beta sign up thing and now it's closed. Oops. But anyways, I'd like to know when the completed version is going to be released, I've googled a little bit and the only information is the whole "Beta comes Summer 2014".

We're well past that with no actual news in terms of dates after that. I don't care if it's next week or in 6-12 months. Little bit of info would be nice though. Anyone? Thanks. :)

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What jbeetle said, but I would assume on the order of months. Maybe a couple months for vanilla without caves or adventure mode to be ready, then a few more for those to work, and a few more after that for RoG. They might distribute that differently though.

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Let me quote the original post:


When is it coming out?

We are aiming to let you get your hands on it late this summer; beyond that, we don't know the specifics yet. That could change, but we are pretty confident that we will be able to get things together for you by then.
We don't have a solid roadmap yet, but it's safe to say that we will likely have an early alpha before going to Steam Early Access beta, just like we did with Don't Starve and the Reign of Giants expansion." - The Original announcement of DST posted by JoeW
But to also specify they didn't confirm an official release date out of beta.
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