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Nightmares-induced fanart


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I love Don't Starve quite a lot.

So I tried making some fanart of it...


Yea I know. It looks like it was made with MSPaint. 
I actually used Photoshop to draw it, but I used the pencil tool.

Why? Because I felt like the pencil tool made it look more "Don't Starve-ish"...

So yea. It is bad looking...



This is my first drawing. It's a simple Wendy/Abigal couple (she is my favourite character).


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You keep saying you're art is terrible, but It's not. In the slightest. Heck, it's better than any of the fan art I've drawn! That isn't a very high bar to cross though...

That is sweet...thank you.

If you want to request something, I will try to make it.

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That smallbird is adorable!

I don't know if you take critique, so ignore this if you don't...

You mixed up Wendy and Abigail's flowers. Wendy's flower is on the left, Abigail's on the right.

Anyway, they aren't bad at all!

Oh...*facepalm*...Yea...I mixed them. Thanks for telling me :)

I love it!! can you draw me a catcoon? pwese

Mm...yea, I guess.
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