[Client Crash] - Host's Game crashed while I died, weird side effects


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Host's Game crashed while I died, weird side effects

Issue Description: During the night time of day 17 I died in the swamp, seconds later my host's game crashed. We restarted the game and we were in the morning of day 17. I saw myself die when I entered the game automatically and did not see any of my items that I dropped, I later found all my items far away from where I died randomly lying in a patch of grass.

So even though the game did not save up until the evening, the game still knew I died eventually, my items that I dropped after death warped somewhere else on the map.

The host said the game crashed right when the hellhounds started attacking a herd of Beefalos.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Die in someone else's game.

2. Have the game crash from the host's side and have all the players dc from the server before the day ends.

3. Rejoin the server.

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I think the real bug/situation here is that when a server crashes, it rolls back to the last time it saved. I think death causes the server to save your character's current state without also saving the world, allowing for a loophole where your inventory essentially gets deleted if you died between the last save and the crash.


An easier way to replicate this is as follows:

  1. Host a server, and acquire any inventory item.
  2. Exit out of the server (this saves it).
  3. Resume the server.
  4. Die ( c_sethealth(0) ).
  5. Alt+F4.
  6. Start up the game and server again, and find yourself dead with no skeleton or inventory items on the ground. (clients will see themselves die and drop a skeleton again)

Edit: I didn't get your scenario where my inventory ended up somewhere else on the map (I spawned myself a dragonpie in a fresh world and c_gonext('dragonpie') came up blank upon restarting). But it seems similar otherwise.


A potential fix would be to have it also save your pre-death inventory when you die, along with a game-time-stamp (e.g. died on World Day 4, 30 seconds in). If the server tries to load a character (upon that character connecting) that is logged as dying later than the time that the server's current session started at, it drops the inventory again upon redoing the death.

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  • Developer



Thank you for finding this one, and for the suggestions for fixing it.


This is definitely not how we intended it to work,  I'll take a look at the options and let you know what we go forward with.


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