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DST Beta Update (Phase 2) - October 9th

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You're pretty naive if you think all game developers can deliver content they "promised" to their paying audience before a certain deadline/at all. It has happened before with DS that content got scrapped for various reasons. RIP Tallbird life cycle, RIP lava caves etc. I too was/am disappointed they didn't became reality, but you can't have it all. This was on the roadmap for DS, this is not a definate list of added content. However, Klei did not break their promise. They promised us 6 months of free added content, and they delivered. The same thing is happening with DST. The only thing Klei promised in essence is DST being a thing, and they gave rough estimates as to when the alpha and closed beta would begin.

Furthermore, most people bought DS because they wanted the singleplayer experience, and now they complain about a FREE multiplayer not added within their time frame? Back then there wasn't even a multiplayer! Oh and, don't think of anything to be "the best thing ever" before you didn't even interact with it. Yes, I got a DST key but I don't think it's the best thing ever yet. I hope that when DST is fully developed I can say that though :)


Ps: I'm talking in general, not just to one person who expressed their thoughts in this way. (though the "best thing ever" bit kinda is, admittedly)

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You seem to be misunderstanding this. They said they "hoped" for the end of summer, not "at" the end of summer. Honestly you need to understand games take time to make, and a lot of time at that, trust me, i know. My keys still haven't arrived, and ill admit, yeah I'm extremely impatient, yet I'm waiting, not much i can do anyway i suppose. Oh well they will come eventually.


Please kindly go and complain to yourself in a corner, nobody wants to hear it :)

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Everyone needs to calm down and take it easy.

Those that have keys find themselves in the position of working on a game that suffers bugs and needs hot fixes every few days.

The game is still in BETA which means its a work in progress.

Having a key means you have access to a game that is still being worked on. 

Klei are only human. They work very hard to bring us great games but a little patience on our part is required. 

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