[Gameplay] - Hounds don't attack


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I have the similar problem on my server. I'm on day 42, and there haven't been any attacks that I've seen.

Apparently there was one around day 11 or 12, but I was paused. The person who fought them said that she saw one of them bite me, but I didn't take any damage.

I didn't change any settings either.

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On the other hand, I had a hound attack on Day 8, and they acted quite normally. I did take damage from them. Lured them over to some spiders, and the hounds and spiders attacked each other normally too.


Also, I came across a fire staff set piece, took the staff, and the hounds woke up - all proceeded as per usual.


I'm really impressed with how good the build is at this stage! 

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I've had multiple hound attacks on multiple servers. This seems like a possible desync but there are too many variables with so little info and no diagnostic tools on my end.


While waiting for Klei, I'll ask an obviously basic one:

 Did you all who have this problem check to see if you had pending DST updates in Steam and reboot your system to see if that helped?



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