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List the current season in server details

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I don't know if you guys have noticed, but joining a server in the dead of winter is absolutly BRUTAL. Unlike "King of Winter", you don't even get a nice earmuff blueprint and thermal stone to help you on your journey. Unless the other players give you some supplies right away, you'll likely end up dead in no time.


The best way I have thought of to fix this problem is to have the server display what season it is in under the server details. This allows players to avoid servers currently experiencing the great freeze, and enter into a warmer, less deadly, world.

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We've got a bit more work to do before we can start showing details about the current state of the game in the server, but we'll definitely be adding this! I also have plans to make it so you can view the customization settings used in generating the world, a list of players in the game, and a few other useful bits of info. If there is other specific information that would be useful to you in choosing a server to play on, keep the suggestions coming!

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