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  1. would like to play with you guys but ...ummm.....your teeth are scary!! actually its the time zone...i live on the opposite side of the world...
  2. whenever my server is up you are welcome to join "Welcome to Soul's world" i don't play regularly though...
  3. Bugzilla

    havn't played yet...but i don't think i can reproduce this problem if i want to.... so until it happens again let's forget it until then
  4. Bugzilla

    hmmm kkz...i'll disable sort inv from now on and if the prob still occurs then we'll see ...gotta start a new world >.
  5. Bugzilla

    u know this problem is very similar to the earlier crash i had wen we thought it solved cuz i updated the game... i can still hear the background sounds and had saved game near dusk ...maybe its cuz of neat45??do u guys use another version?
  6. Bugzilla

    181688924 is RPG HUD neat 45 ..... and i only have saveindex file in save u want that?? also i hadn't done anything special to repeat again...was just playing in the goblin cave..
  7. Bugzilla

    ...i don't know... how do i do that?? find the savegame??
  8. Bugzilla

    yea 45 neat... and i tried the still crashes log.txt
  9. Bugzilla

    yea not as of yet... i will try reproducing similar conditions n check
  10. Bugzilla

    yea i updated it...but i already replaced that world... if i get the problem again i'll tell you guys... i m hoping it happened cuz my version was old...
  11. Bugzilla

    in that case let me check that by quitting other mods..i'll update after that nope the same problem persists even after i turn off all the mods other then HitD