[Gameplay] - Accelerator Chip I not working.

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Accelerator Chip I not working.

Issue Description:

Character: Internationale

Used Accelerator Chip (+1) on a console advertising +4 power. Received only +4 power (not +5).

Steps to Reproduce:


Accelerator Chip

on a Console

Don't get correct power.

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First turn, have 13 power.  Looking at terminal remotely (4 PWR)




Turn 2, ran to terminal.  Currently at 14 power.  Terminal nearby also provides 4 PWR




Toggle on the Chip




Hit the Console (still shows 4 PWR)




Now at 18 power (only got 4 PWR)




Chip is now on cooldown





To be honest, I'd personally prefer to see a NEW icon on the console (the chip icon) when I'm 'using' it - similar to how a paralyzing shot from Banks shows a new icon.


I'd also like it if, when accessing consoles with a chip, the ui just automatically gave you that option from the console, just like an attack.  If you don't have a chip, you don't get the pop up.  This would make it clear when using a chip, and remind the player to use the chip.

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Just a quick report, Accelerator Chip III is not working correctly as well. It's only giving +2 power instead of the advertised +4


I have a suspicion that it is caused by the power value is not stacking with the +2 power bonus from the maxed Tech skill.








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  • Developer

You're correct, the chip bonus does not actually stack with the innate bonus that a character would receive for hacking without the chip.  Whether or not this is actually intended I'll have to check back with the designers.

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It would be very strange if that was intentional, since you actually need to have that level of skill to use the chip in the first place, so it's impossible to be able to use the chip without already having an innate power bonus. Well, hopefully it gets sorted out soon :)

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