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Something for Ghosts

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I was just reading some other suggestions, and had a thought regarding ghosts... might not make much sense, but I figured I'd share anyways.


My idea is that as a ghost, you would be able to collect say... 13 evil flowers, an alternative could be the ability to haunt logs laying around the ground (converting them into living logs), and gathering 6 of those. This would require at least 1 inventory slot for a ghost... or even a 'Evil' collection meter of sorts.


Once you have your evil flowers or living logs, as a ghost you could haunt an evergreen, in effect becoming a Treeguard.


As a Treeguard, of course, you could wreck other players bases, or use it to other players benefit in fighting monsters.


There could be measures put in place to prevent abuse of such an ability... which could be the mechanic only working at dusk or night... and in daytime, the ghost would 'un-haunt' the tree, and lose their flowers/logs.


What do you guys think? I think it would be cool to have ghost haunting of most creatures... in effect posessing them. Maybe each creature in the game could have an 'Evil Flower Posession Cost'. It could allow for some interesting gameplay if setup so other players don't know if the creature they're looking at is a hostile player!


EDIT: Just realized there's a Ghost related topic already here.... my bad :eagerness: .



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Thank you! I still have a ton of ideas left over from the mod I was working on... the new features in DST provide basis even more ideas!


I like the ghost mechanic, and I guess this can give some benefit to dying in the game.

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This is an excellent idea! Would be great to do something other than just going around haunting stuff and trying to get revived. Though i don't like the idea of turning logs into Living Logs since those are finite resource and are supposed to be hard to get top tier magic crafting materials. Some players could just haunt the logs and let the other living player take them instead of using it for his evil deeds.

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On the one hand, the concept of controlling a Treeguard sounds so alien and, dare I say, sluggish when compared to controlling people or ghosts that I don't see anyway something this complex could work. On the other hand, the idea of becoming something monstrous that can go toe-to-toe with other creatures in terms of pure malevolence really appeals to me. Perhaps instead of a Treeguard, you could become a spectre the same size and speed of your character, using weapons conjured from the shadows and such during the night.


Either way, you've got some hellacious creativity. I dig that.

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