Crashing issues, fixes incoming (now live)


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Hey guys, 


Just dropping you a quick note to let you know we will be pushing an update real soon that should resolve a great deal of the crashing issues that everybody has been experiencing. 


We don't expect this to fix everything ever, but it should be substantially better. 


Gonna lock the crash threads after the update goes live, so we can track new crashes better. 


Update: Fix is live now, and things are looking good. If you get new crashes, please make sure to make a new report. 


Thanks everybody for your bug reports and patience. You're all helping to make a better experience for Phase 2!




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  • Developer

We will likely start providing patch notes in the future, this one was just a little rushed.  Here are some rough patch notes:

Bug Fixes- Fixed major crash on server listing screen- Fixed server listing arriving slowly (one at a time)- Fixed many lua crash bugs when joining a server, e.g. "Inventory Bar" crashMisc Changes- Fix for server creation fields changing in annoying ways when you switch around which slot you're using- Make server creation auto-select last used
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