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Killing bunnies is naughty, eh?

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Mr. Krampus must not be all-seeing then, because saving up for the times when I'm not on his naughty list, I've been stuffing live bunnies into backpacks after trapping them, that I may kill them with impunity at my leisure. Since he only gets angry at the kill, I can amass bunnies, then mass kill them, then live off my farms during times of niceness. :twisted:

Although I'm not sure if I'm really worried about it, as I've slaughtered a whole pig village, about 10 bunnies, and 2 beefalo since the update (to restore my broken meat effigies) and haven't come across him. I'm curious though, will he spawn near you or your camp if you're away from it?

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With the latest hotfix you need to be really naughty before he spawns. I have killed 2 pigmen villages (9 pigmen or so), 3 tallbirds and 6 bunnies on one day and he did not show up. Since he spawns near you and not your camp you can determine where you want to fight him.

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