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  1. And with Toaster's post, I'll end this inane conversation. Have fun with the new patch.
  2. Could be the distance you're away from them when replanting? It's also not a 100% chance. And the percentage diminishes gradually to 0 the further you are from them. It could take several trees, and they need to be planted close to them.
  3. If you have a Pig village you can get the enemies to chase you to them, where they'll promptly start a fight. The treeguards will un-aggro you. Not sure about the queens.
  4. It's going to be hard to continue this argument in a serious fashion with you stating that certain individuals hold a higher predisposition to success at random chance than others. Intelligence, appearance, race, etc, are all things you can be bred for. Luck isn't a quality of an individual. It's preposterous. Why? Because nobody has a continual value for "luck" over their lifetime. I've won the lottery a couple times. I've won contests off bottle caps, and raffles. I've also lost a father to a car accident, had my childhood home foreclosed on, and lost most of my possessions to a thieving, drunk step-father. To say that I am either lucky or unlucky, or constantly anywhere in between based on some arbitrary quality is absurd. And on the subject of those pretty cables that provide me with phone and internet? No, by my logic I should not lose them, because I work for them. I earn my keep in the world, pay for my services, and in return am rewarded with such services. Input X = Result Y, which is what I've been trying to explain to you.
  5. It's certainly not as rude as insinuating that I called you a retard, or calling me a spoon-fed whiner, considering that your post demonstrated that you didn't understand them. And since when do stacking probabilities give you a guaranteed drop? Nobody said they had to stack to 100%. <_< To say that I'm asking for spoon-feeding when all I'm asking for is to have "luck" removed is ridiculous. X amount of work input should equal Y reward. That doesn't mean that X amount of work has to be a small amount, like you seem to be assuming it is. I just loathe the fact that some guy can get Q item in 2 tries, then come to a message board and brag about it when it's not that easy to obtain, and he doesn't realize it because he didn't have to work for it. Luck shouldn't have a say in it. I'm not claiming to be "the board". I've just seen you around in other topic being rude in response to someone not sharing your views. I call it like I see it. You ended your first post by berating the guy who complained about the drop rates saying that he should come back when he's killed 300, when you yourself didn't have to work that hard for it. That's the cruelty of luck, and yet you defend it.
  6. Wow, you're quite the rude person, aren't you? I never said you were retarded, nor did I imply it. Lots of people don't know how probability works, and going from your statement of " the most popular one indicates a 10% drop chance, the other one says 1%. I did kill a high number of Krampi (Krampusses?) before getting mine, but certainly not 100." it's safe to say you either didn't know how they work or you're terrible at wording things properly. I also never said I should be spoon-fed anything. Stacking probability simply means that the chance to get the item increases every time you defeat the enemy. You're still working your ass off for it and you could potentially take just as long to get the item, but your tireless efforts aren't wasted on stupid luck, and you'll get it at least a long way down the road. But go ahead and keep assuming things and being a jerk to the board in general because that's getting you so far, isn't it?
  7. ^Doesn't know how probability works. Just because it's a 1% drop rate doesn't mean killing 100 will get you the bag. It's not a stackable average. Same as 10 kills doesn't improve your chances on a 10% rate. It just means that each time you kill him you have a 1/10 or a 1/100 chance to get it. Killing him twice doesn't make it 2/10 or 2/100. You could kill krampus hundreds upon hundreds of times on either drop rate and still not get it. It's all luck. Luck has no place in progression. Stackable probabilities would make the bag and the farming worth it.
  8. To the guys knocking my suggestions based on the hotfix: I made this thread before the hotfix existed, so I was going on Queen patch info alone.
  9. we can kill rabbits with impunity once again. It seems like the game is just moving in circles, with the player being punished for surviving. Krampus was made to limit rabbit trapping. Krampus was then nerfed to a non-issue. Now there's a way to farm rabbits with no bad karma at all with the tooth traps. What was the point of Krampus to begin with? Pigs were being abused for meat. Pig spawns were then lowered and house recipe requirements were raised. Now the pigs just plain die off, leaving only a 25% drop chance for one of the 4 items needed to renew them. Extinction will occur, and is inevitable, when pig abuse had already dropped due to the spawn changes. To make this a viable change, I suggest making it only apply to player made houses, and perhaps nerfing pig spawn a bit further. Farming, the only "proper and nice" way of surviving has now been nerfed to pointlessness. It's pretty much impossible for new players to start up with the lowered seed rate. Not to mention that the lengthened growth times and reduced nutritive payoff make it not really worth it, considering rabbits can again be farmed with impunity, which is why farming was buffed and Krampus was introduced in the first place... We're chasing our tails trying to find a proper solution here. I'm no gaming or coding savant, but here's a couple suggestions. Feel free to add your own. 1.) Pigs should only go extinct from player built houses. -To compensate for this, lower pig respawn times from 3 days to 5. That way even with an absurd pig village the player won't be able to sustain himself on their meat alone. -An increase in pig strength and village size, to present a higher threat to those farming bacon could also be welcome changes. 2.) Farms should have a bump up in speed, closer to what they were pre-Queen. -However, perhaps introduce a spoilage or infestation mechanic. If you're not there in reasonable time to harvest within a given window, your crop simply dies and you lose it. There could be a percentage chance for dropping seeds, but of course there's the threat of birds picking them up. -A slight drop in manure farm fertilization efficiency could also work. Say that each poop is worth 6 crops, meaning you'll need 5 poop for one plot. -Perhaps Beefalo, Pigs, Birds, and Bunnies develop a taste for the easy life off your farms and could eat the crops as well. In other words, you'll have to work a lot harder if you want to see reward from your turtling, but it's not impossible, nor is it all-reliable. The current nerfing just means people will be making a lot more farms and can live off them once started up. Sure, winter might change that, but winter is only one season. 3.) Lower Krampus's summoning requirements. (I haven't tested this patch out for him yet though). On the last patch I killed 3 full backpacks of bunnies in a row on the same day without even one coming for me. I also killed an entire pig village without his company. If you're going to include a deterrent in the game, it should be possible to summon the deterrent before I get a handy supply of food to last out his forgiveness period. This would keep the pig hunters in check, make people think twice before abusing tall-bird respawning, and give the people who jumped ship from the farming nerf back to rabbits something to think about. Which leads me to my next point. 4.) The tooth trap shouldn't be guilt free. I haven't tested it yet, but from how it was made to sound it seems like you don't get "naughty points" from using the tooth trap. Why wouldn't we? We're actively hunting and killing defenseless, clueless bunnies with tools of our own design. Yes, making them die instantly is a good thing, but we should still be considered naughty if the deterring effect of solely farming them is to work. 5.) Increase in spider hat durability? For people who stockpiled eggs beforehand, the hat isn't that big of a deal, but for people who earned their eggs fighting the monstrosities that are the new spiders and the queen, shouldn't they have more to show for it, at least a bit? -Which also leads into a question and another point. I haven't seen it myself yet, but are spiders spreading on their own? If not, why are level 3 nests only dropping one egg? If we can use them to make hats to control the spiders and they aren't repopulating they could potentially go extinct. Again, I haven't checked for their re-population, so this could be a moot point. 6.) Fireflies shouldn't just die out in lanterns and hats unless they can respawn. Think about it: You've captured the firefly alive. Why does he die if he's given shelter in my lantern but will live forever if I simply let him go to light my sidewalk base path? Unless they actually do respawn, then it's a moot point. 7.) Goes without saying, but Beefalo have no repercussions for murder atm. They yield 6 meat, so 2 beefalo are enough for 3 meat effigies, making you nigh immortal. They's also an absolute ton of them. My current map has 3 or 4 herds of about 10-12 each. I could kill half of them and still have enough to farm poop with. -Needless to say they should respawn, or breed. -Their drops should be nerfed from 6 to 4 meat. -They could become territorial, the individual beefalo you get close enough to startle attacking you once or twice. -They should most definitely hit harder. -Perhaps fewer should spawn initially. 8.) Now that the seed drops have been nerfed, perhaps the feather hat can attract more birds to increase the drop rate of seeds. This gives an incentive to braving the swamps as well. 9.) A way to harvest honey without angering bees? The beekeeper hat, at least last patch, didn't protect you from the bees, so there's no point to it. 10.) Increase Optimus Pine spawning. I enjoy his threat and I also like experimenting with him, but it seems I always have to cut down an entire forest before one spawns. This last one is more of a want than a need: -Taming hounds? they're so adorable when they're sleeping. Maybe they could need a regular supply of food like the smallbirds, but could actually be useful in combat. To combat the "Flock of doom" mentality with the hounds, perhaps when you don't feed them properly they attack the nearest source of meat: you or your other dogs. Again, these are all just suggestions. I in no way no what would work best for this game and am probably unaware of some of the repercussions my suggestions could present. Sorry for the long-winded post. Feel free to add your own.
  10. Just run around a forest at dusk and you'll get one. I've come to love the miner helmet.