[Client Crash] - Re-entry into a server


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash
Issue Title: Re-entry into a server
Issue Description: I entered a server and realized I had to exit it right after. I disconnected without taking any action but accidentally hitting the ` key on my way out, and shortly after, decided to attempt to reconnect to the same server. It crashed with an error involving "attempt to index local "inventory" (a nil value)


Clicking Exit makes it go to a not responding error.
Steps to Reproduce: Attempted to relaunch the game and enter the same server, and got the same error. Upon trying to enter a DIFFERENT server, I found none were open without a password, making me unable to test another server.

Launched the server I created earlier, it logged me into that without an issue but crashed moments later. Re-launched the game, it crashed before getting to the server page. Re-launched once more, attempted to enter the original server again, same crash. Attempted to re-enter the game to check for perhaps another non-password protected server...crashed before getting into the server page. Unable to duplicate with a second server at this time, but it's consistent on that one server. The one with the real long name. You know the one.




(quick edit, my attachments derped out)

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Just wanted to add my 2 cents in case it helps... I encountered this error too. If I recall correctly the only thing I had in my inventory when leaving the server was a Torch. So I assume that the Torch 'Expired' on the server, and somehow this is causing the error on loading my inventory. So I assume this would occur with any time-based item expiry.



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