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  1. Skyrim is totally not a gory dark game. Granted, not a super clean nice game, but the focus is not gory grimdark. HOWEVER, there are MULTIPLE ways/reasons you can end up eating human flesh in Skyrim. Alchemy reasons, being a werewolf, religious reasons, etc. And for folks that are simply put off by the idea, I respectfully disagree...even in real life, I value my life above my morals, and I'd gladly eat my dead BFF if it meant I lived another day (I wouldn't KILL him to eat him, but if a bear got him....) He, while seeing me as his BFF as well... would not do the same. He'd bury me and await his impending death. It's all on a personal level, if ya think about it. If the option to eat a dead player is there, then they need the option to bury, too; the more I read here, the more I feel it'd be necessity for both to be in if one was.
  2. I agree, hence why if there is the ability to obtain Long Pork somehow, it's gotta have some dire consequences Yeah, having them only drop meat part of the time would help a lot, I think. Makes me wonder, though, are we gonna drop ALL our gear when we die, like in singleplayer? Might need to be balanced to avoid murder sprees being QUITE so common, if we do...
  3. ^Like It should not be something you could do ALL THE TIME, I don't want Hannibal on my friggin' server, popping in after murdering an entire other server....
  4. OMG if they DID decide to use a different meat, like no health penalty like Monster Meat, but still gave you a big hit to your sanity...made it so you couldn't use it in a crock pot to remove said effects.... ....and named the item Long Pork.... gah I'm lovin' these ideas!
  5. I VERY much like this idea. If you and some people were trapped in the wilderness, and you had PLENTY of provisions, you'd likely bury them. If you were starting to, like, die of starvation/exposure/etc, a Donner Party dinner might seem like a better idea...
  6. Aaaaah! Makes sense. I am very new to the game, this is the first update I've been present for! Good to know, thank you!
  7. Is that an official time? I'm on the Pacific coast of the USA, it's about 2:30am my time here, so if, at 2 it was 12-ish hours away...I might as well go sleep for a while hahaha