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How to preserve your Small birds!


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The answer is simple! Pan flute. Just gather a ton of reeds so you can always have a pan flute when you need it, and then put your small bird to sleep whenever you need to go out adventuring (Or hounds are coming.)

When you come back, you will find your birds charging cheerfully towards you, but will stay where you put them, until you come close enough.

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Another good tip to keep your small birds alive, don't play as Wendy.

I had a little nest of about 5 or 6 small birds following me around while i was collecting wood for the evening fire. Dusk arrived and Abigail decided to pay me a little visit, unfortunately she also decided to spawn right over top of my flock instantly killing them all.

DANG IT Abigail! You are the reason I can't make any friends!

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Well there is also another way. If you lose your bird, and are playing in chrome you can hit the "back" button, but that's cheating. I wouldn't do that.

But seriously, @Kevin. Let me give my birdie an my amulet! Or maybe let me shave it and use the feathers for a meat effigy! PLEASE I CAN'T LOSE ANOTHER ONE!

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