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Grass tufts, saplings, berry bushes. Overpowered in science points!

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Dess    10

What has started to annoy me a bit is that instead of working for research points you can just end your life, start a new one , and in 7 days you could have up to 3,000 more research points. How is that? Well the answer is grass tufts. Dig up a ton of grass tufts, saplings, or berry bushes and put them into the science machine and watch the magic. 20 Research points each? This doesn't seem like much but if you spend 1 day in the "Beefalo Land" and dig up tons of grass tufts, and make the grass into rope, you could have an astounding amount of research points.

Now I know the reason they give so many research points is because when you lose the tufts, you cannot get them back. But 20 just makes it so you feel like an idiot trying to get points otherwise. And besides, the worlds are so big that even if you lived on them forever you could still dig up tons and tons of those(Tufts, Saplings, Berry Bushes), plant a few, then research the rest and get ten times as many points as you'd ever need!

This should really be nerfed if you want players to spend more than 30 minutes getting all the points they'd ever need to unlock everything in the full release of the game.

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