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New character Markus The Mad

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Pardon my horrible drawing skills, and non existent photography skills. Meet Markus the Mad he is an insane asylum escapee. He is actually based on a real life person who bludgeoned 4 nuns killing two of them in 96', right here in Waterville, Maine. I think he would be an interesting addition to the game. The darkness is his friend and ally normally friendly mobs fear him. In his mental fits he doesn't feel much pain or hunger. As you can see or not see(not an artist) Markus has a stump where his left hand was and his right hand is in his pocket. The inner machinations of his mind are an enigma.(credit to Patrick ;p)

Hope you like :)

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Guest Dandytard

Nice drawing. But I have to correct myself, Maxwell isn't the only pedophile in the game. ( If this character gets accepted, that is )

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