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  1. Why not make it so you can find missing pages from maxwell jornal. So if you explore you find information, might stop people camping in one place.
  2. Okay, I em not a fan of long post where you have to read all that text! I've been thinking about the top hats, theire so underloved. Only making you feel civilized, where that comes important? Who wears top hats? Gentlemens and Magicians, and what magicians do? Magic. What magic envolves? Rabbits. And some other boring stuff... Well, what could we do with rabbits? Nothing much...But what does rabbit do in the top hat, he magicaly appears! And because I em not a fan of the teleportation, and I see people love teleportation, I've been thinking about this. Since it's so risky to kill spiders now, and I really like top hats, make it poof' o machine! Oh that suggestion number 1: If you were to drop hat on the floor, except being turned normally, it will be opposite. If you were to walk close to it, Wilson would start going into the hat. You would be able to cancel this by just moving. If you were to enter it, you would happen to be in the dream world( I was that suggestion ), or simply teleported randomly to place, or island( the boats and sea suggestion. Or simply just teleported to another random top hat. It's up to you to decide. When Wilson uses this he would lose sanity, and refuse to go in for short period. And the hat would be stuck on his head for a short period. It's up to you to decide what would happen! Look at that, this topic is long after all. Anyways I've been thinking about making items works somewhat with this, but it would just simply be overpowered. That's for another topic.
  3. This has been already suggested before, there will be no 4th bar. But they are adding new called 'Sanity'
  4. I do not like setting the cap for the any things. Why not make it so if you get another hound the 2 of them will start being aggresive and battle between each other. Making it more realistic.. Anyways on top of that I like this thread, full of intresting things fully explained +1
  5. I like this, because we can't simply make combat harder this would help a lot. Making decisions is nice
  6. For the meat effigy cost, it's fine if it costs more beard hair...Is the 20% lost of health and hunger eternal, that would not be nice. I think we should have something attack meat effigies, but not hounds. They're so easy to kill..Maybe make spiders attack it? So you must deal with spider queen before making effigy.. This. Just set your own rules, in my case, I said I can only make meat effigy every 365 days. And a amulet every month ingame. Although for the realism the resurrection should be nerfed, but it needs to be logical. You can't just set cap, it doesn't make sense. Maybe make it so you must travel as soul to the meat effigy to be able to resurrect, confronting monsters and such... You can check dream world suggestion, similiar to that.
  7. So wolfang would get a 200 hunger and 200 for eternity, Wendy get a ghost that can kill 20+ Beefalos in one night and Willow get a eternal fire... Wilson would be just useless. That's his thing, I don't want it to be changed. As for the amulets, yes, there should be a nerf, but not a cap. The amount of amulets you get from graves should be low, like 1% and making hell hound harder to spawn...
  8. 1. It's not that hard to kill tree guardian, I can do it without taking any damage, he's attacks are like the easiest to dodge in game. Also, we have this, when you kill tree there is chance ti get a sapling, but I personally like the idea. When I get charcoal I don't have much trees left... 2. There is already topic about this, chech it out 3. The combat in the game isn't that hard, it's actually really easy, when you used on it, just practice on spiders! Well, not on the spider queen patch.. I think they ar trying to make combat harder actually..
  9. It's much like minecraft, I agree... Although the snake idea looks nice...
  10. I got 2 stacks of meat at day 2 with Wendy... And I don't think we can have house, maybe a little hut, but I don't think you would be able to make mansion on the island with monsters and such... Maybe late game,when you get loads of resources.
  11. That's not a bug, thats normal. If you were to dig a grave, you would get useless stuff like rust jewlery and such, that's a way to get research points.
  12. The developers are working on this one, it might happen.
  13. I don't like the hardcore mode, basically Wilson would be useless, and he is the main character...