FIX for game crash issue atm

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This is for everyone who has Problems with the Game exiting right after the start:

For Windows:

1.) Go to your SteamApps Path / common / InvisibleInc / client / states

For Mac OSX:
1.) Go to your Home Pathe (~)/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/InvisibleInc/

For Both:

2.) Open state-main-menu.lua with an ordinary Text-Editor (take a backup of this file first)
2.1.) (For Windows User):You may need to Right-Click the File and choose "Open with...", then choose the Editor (Thanks to obliviondoll for that hint)
3.) Press CTRL(MAC: CMD)+F for Searching and Search: EARLY_ACCESS_IMMINENT
5.) Save the File with CTRL(MAC: CMD)+S
6.) Start and enjoy


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Doesn't work on Mac for me, can't edit file with those instructions. Anyone else successful on Mac with this work around. 


The instructions thankfully worked perfectly fine on my Mac ^^


Is not being able to save changes to the file your issue?

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Cant find the full path quoted above. I'm using Finder and Text/Edit. I can follow the path to but I see no Contents or anything after that. Search can't find Strict.lua as well. If I could just see the file I'm sure I could edit it. 


Don't worry, the location of the 'Steam' directory on Mac is pretty obtuse, since it's in the hidden 'Library' directory.

In the terminal, type 'open Library', and Finder will oblige.

Navigate through \Application Support\Steam\SteamApps\Common\InvisibleInc and right click InvisibleInc to access package contents. From there, just follow the directions above and you should be fine :razz:

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Reverie. My mistake was not right clicking on the and clicking show package contents, I thought contents was a sub folder that I couldn't see(or maybe it is in a way). I don't think I'm super dumb on computers but still unfamiliar with a mac and people who post help usually assume your a pro. I like the step-by-step click this than that instructions rather then just some path name to follow. 


Took me a bit to find Terminal too but I learned today that an easier way to find the 'hidden' library tree is open Finder, click the Go tab at the top of the screen and press the Option button on your keyboard to see library. 


And to make it easier for all Mac users in the future why didn't anyone just say right click the Invisible Inc icon on your desktop and click Show Package Contents then follow the tree. Would of saved me hours and hours of frustration. I know not everyone puts the icon on the desktop and just access it from steam but I think most people use an icon. (To those who don't know how to right click on the apple pad, rest one finger on the pad and then use the finger to your right to click). 


I need more basic instructions, maybe I helped someone else too.


I see elsewhere in the forum Bigfoot, the founder of Klei I presume, is working on the problem and should be fixed in an hour. No one at Klei is working today, he's just that dedicated!

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Congrats Klei , you just stole me 20.00 euros !

I bought your game 2 days ago , i can t even try it.... game crashes at start , nothing of what you say helps me.... This is just unacceptable. I ll never  buy anything more from you, i can t believe it... great thanks!

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I don t like to be screwed...

It's hard to believe it by reading your posts. So you already sent your game log and dxdiag, you say? 

(I'm sure you already almost done it, after searching in bug-forum, and checking instruction, but being so kindly and shy person you maybe had feelings that it's much better to share your friendly questions with community, before sending it)

What a nice nickname you have btw, are you from Greece? 

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