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  1. Awww, you sound so humble. If "I" can beat the game then it must be too easy. Don't be too hard on yourself, I'm sure you got some skills. I was following your (failed) progress in the other thread. You put in your time. Although some claim this game is too easy I think the far majority know that compared to other video games this definitely ranks as one of the harder ones. You did good. That's kinda funny we all have our own techniques. I only kept one medigel for the whole team. But that would be interesting…..if everyone has like 2 medigels, you could use your agents as live bait to make the enemy turn the way you want and then sneak up behind them and just keep reviving team mates. I'm rockin' the Hunter too but now I find power becomes an issue and I'm forced to start using consoles (gasp!). When you hit that bad choices screen does anyone know what will cause the most success? Do nothing, hack or bribe. Does having maxed out hacking give you a better chance of success? Or maybe it means you won't get the bad choice as often? Probably only the developers could answer that one and I don't blame em if they don't answer. We gotta figure this out on our own. I'm currently on endless like day 7 or 8 and like people were saying it becomes pretty easy at that point. Money is no longer important. Finding the best weapons and upgrades is the challenge now. Finding my 4 agent is next to impossible - where are you Shalem???? You would think if I'm steamrolling through levels and it's no longer a challenge I would start a new game. You'd be wrong though Ha ha just found these emoticons had to try them out here sorry