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  1. I am a big fan of Klei games. Mark of the ninja was mindblowing, don't starve was mindblowing, Invisible INC. was mindblowing, oxygen not included was mindblowing... Each of these games were improving an existing "gamestyle" to a new state, quite extraordinary. This game, in is current state, is "ok". I mean, it is a good game, but compared to STS, it is not leveling the playing field enough. It is not what i am expecting from a Klei game. But I think it has an big potential to be an excellent game : the story mode is nice, the art is lovely, and if we can expect more "campaign" content to come, this will be an awesome game. I played 40 hours, finishing the first level of difficulty for all characters, and i think : - Brawl mode cannot be more than a sub-game of STS. Why not, but I won't play it anymore. - Campaing mode can be extraordinary but need to be able to be extended, by new campaigns for each character coming regularly, or fan-made (maybe a tool to make a campaign, interconnecting events?), and maybe the possibility to play a campaign with another character (or at least the set of cards of another character) . Oh, and we need more smith-style events. I laughed a lot in this campaign.