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Not important topic about small textures

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So, what exactly are those so called "small textures"? Do they enchance game quality? I don't think so! Do they give Wilson secret powers? Not correct either! Do they make graphics blurry and give your eyes an ache? That's more like it! So who will be the one, who'll explain me, what are (or aren't) they, and what's use of them?  :indecisiveness:

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Well, that explains something. So KLEI actualy do care about people with small screens... like an android





"A texture map is applied (mapped) to the surface of a shape or polygon. This process is akin to applying patterned paper to a plain white box. Every vertex in a polygon is assigned a texture coordinate (which in the 2d case is also known as a UV coordinate) either via explicit assignment or by procedural definition. Image sampling locations are then interpolated across the face of a polygon to produce a visual result that seems to have more richness than could otherwise be achieved with a limited number of polygons. Multitexturing is the use of more than one texture at a time on a polygon."


Wow, I'm smart and even I am getting a headache reading that. Let me simplify this: 


Small textures simply means fewer things to draw and re-draw to make it look better  (or lower quality) which is easier for lower-end computers, not that this was made for mobile devices (it is not; play at your own risk if compatible) There also is a "netbook" mode for yet another "fewer resources" mode. 



Edit: and if the poster of this was joking and I missed it, just ignore. 





Either way, i'll keep ther reply up for new players, 

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