Putting a leash on Hounds

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Any body else think it would be neat to craft leashes out of pig skin? With the leash, you could put it on a sleeping Hound and tie it up to a stump or you could put a log in the ground as a stake. After that you could train it by feeding it meat and use it to hunt and what not. I think it would be a cool add to the game.

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I like your idea, but I'm going to to turn it a bit around. Those hounds are evil and wild they can't be tamed. The only option to use them for your purpose is to shoot them with a dart, so that they asleep. Then you have to put them a leash on and tie them up at the stake. If you come to close to the hound it still tries to attack you, but it also attacks everything else which is comming in it's range (except other hounds). You have to feed the hound sometimes, so that it doesn't starve, but be carfeul don't get to close. You can't use fire hounds for this, because they burn the leash.

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