[Crash] - Parasite hacking and drones

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Parasite hacking and drones

Issue Description: As I came into my turn, and SHOULD have been seeing a stack of parasites triggering, the game just closed itself.

I tried starting the game up and reloading my save, but it just instantly closed again.

Steps to Reproduce: I'm not 100% certain whether it was the fact that I had 3 drones triggered to be hacked at the same time, or the fact that I had 8 parasites set to tick over at the same time.

I had spawned in a room next to a vault, and with a peek and Internationale's radial scan ability, I got good visibility on a large group of guards and 3 drones.

When I brought up Incognita, I used parasite on everything. All 3 drones, 2 laser emitters, 2 vault safes, and the main vault terminal. Everything except for one drone had 2 firewalls, and the odd drone out had 4. I hacked all the drones down to 1 firewall each, then ended my turn.

A couple of the drones moved, then when it seemed like it should be moving into being my turn, I saw a black screen for a moment and the game crashed.

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I had another bug with the Parasite program:

- When I end the turn with active parasites the enemy does his usual walk/search/patrol which might lead to agents spotting new hackable terminals/vaults/cameras through doors that are used by enemies.

- When my turn starts the hacking interface comes up as normal and the firewalls on infected systems are reduced by 1.

- If you do nothing the hacking interface goes away and your normal turn starts.

- But trying to save some time I set a new parasite onto a system spotted during the enemies turn and it seems that there is a chance that this plants the parasite but instantly ends your turn.


I think I had it two times now but I'm not totally sure if I did anything else.

I'll try to recreate it and add a state file on success.

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