Pig warrior (village, warrior and leader)

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Name: Wild Pig Leader

Looks like a Guardian Pig with a helmed(looks like the one Wigfrid have but with no unicorn ornament) and a Battle Spear(Just like the one used by Wigfrid)

Drops: Meat 75%, Pig Skin 25%

Hp: 300

Damage: 45



Name: Wild Pig Warrior

Looks like a Guardian Pig with a spear

Drops: Meat 75%, Pig Skin 25%

Hp: 300

Damage: 40



They attack everyone(except pig guardians, normal pigs or others of their kind) that is too close just like a guardian pig but if given meat it will stop attacking the player for up to 3 days(but will not help the player)(1 meat/day)


If a warrior finds a healing item it will use it BUT it will not use it if:

A) It have full health and other pig warriors + leader have full hp. Then it will just drop it and continue its journey.

B) Their leader is hurt. It will then heal the leader regardless of how much hp it(the warrior) have. 

C) If it have full health but another warrior needs it. It will then heal the warrior that needs it.


The leader will give it to a warrior if the leader does not need it.


Instead of a pig house it will have a mud hut made grass and twigs. If the house gets destroyed it will try to make a new one by collecting 10 grass and 10 twigs.


After 1 don't starve year one of the warrior pigs will make a new house that in turn will spawn a new warrior pig.

In one warrior village there will always be 1 Fire Pit.

1 warrior village have 8-9 houses/mud huts



I hope that you like my idea. I don't know if I forgot to add anything but if you have questions please ask :)


If you have a better name for the mobs please say them here.

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Not to sound like a downer, but...



I don't think pigs are smart enough to do any of that.


It'd also make the game too difficult to trade with the pig king.


Why do you think he's surrounded by obelisks? He used to be surrounded by pig torches.

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