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Changing Character Appearance makes them invisibile

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Hi there,


Basically, I am trying to grasp how to create a custom character for myself.


Basically what I have done is downloaded a custom character mod (the Clementine one), and I have converted the character's .tex file to a .png to add a scribble to her forehead.


I then changed the .png back into a .tex file using the converter and put it back in the zip. so, theoretically Clementine should be running around my screen with a scribble on her head.


This is not the case however, as she is instead completely invisible now.


I am unsure what I am doing wrong here, I just wanted to edit an existing mod so I could see how it transfer into the game, then I was going to try my hand at starting to make a character from scratch.


Attached is my editted Clementine .zip folder. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be very greatful.




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I have been doing yes. Just tried it again with TexCreator. Same issue.


I should mention I am working on a Mac. I have used Winery to get the TexTools working on the Mac computer.


I am also trying to do this using the ktech converter in terminal. Both methods produce the same issue. I have tried changing the images from tex to png and vice versa to make sure nothing went corrupt and everything seems to be converting correctly. I'm really stumped.

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Okay so I worked out the issue this morning. For some reason if I used my Mac's built in unarchiver to .zip up the files, it didn't work.


I did the exact same thing using 'Betterzip' and it worked like a charm!


I'm going to write up a tutorial on how I did everything on the Mac, since it's a little different from most other users. Just in case it helps anyone.



Thanks for the help offered here guys.


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