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Looking to rebalance food values


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So I've set my mind to making a mod to rebalance things to hopefully make the game more interesting by encouraging people to make use of the available features. The thing I have the biggest problem with is the sanity and especially health values of crock pot food and most especially jerky (20 health and 15 sanity for a piece of dried meat it's a solution to all problems!) The thing is looking at the API examples I see this


local function BetterCarrotInit(prefab)
prefab.components.edible.hungervalue = 200 -- carrots are the best food ever!!
AddPrefabPostInit("carrot", BetterCarrotInit)
Just to change the hunger value of a carrot. And I think to myself "Wow! This will be a pain to build and maintain if I want to change values across the board." But then I think to myself I can just build something to generate the code from a .csv or something and maybe I can mine the data from the wiki. Finally I thought maybe someone has already thought all this before. So before I go to the effort of building a code gen tool and mining/hand copying data from the wiki I thought I would ask. Does anyone have all the current food data in a usable format? And has anyone already built out such a code gen tool and is willing to share? Thanks much!
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This doesn't answer the question you asked but this should make it so you don't have to write as much code. Start with this block:

local function AdjustFoodPostInit(prefab, hunger, sanity, health)    AddPrefabPostInit(prefab, function(inst)        if not inst.components.edible then return end        if type(hunger) == "number" then            inst.components.edible.hungervalue = hunger        end        if type(sanity) == "number" then            inst.components.edible.sanityvalue = sanity        end        if type(health) == "number" then            inst.components.edible.healthvalue = health        end    end)end

Then, instead of writing a whole new local function for each food prefab, you can do it in a single line. For any argument that you pass 'nil', it'll use that food's default value.

AdjustFoodPostInit("carrot", 200, 200, 200) --carrots are awesome, docAdjustFoodPostInit("meat_dried", nil, 0, 10) --default hunger, 0 health, 10 sanityAdjustFoodPostInit("bonestew", -10, -20, -30) --I never liked meaty stew anyway

Be advised that I haven't tested this in a mod myself, so I'm not 100% sure it'll work as written. If it doesn't, I'll be happy to try to help debug.

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Thanks for responding so quickly! Your suggestion that should cut down on the code a bit and make it more readable but i still plan on making a code generator since a csv file will allow me to sort and compare for later tweaking much easier than a huge code file. 



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1) All the current food data in a usable format is on the wiki:





And also on russian wiki including various mods:





2) There is no such code yet if you mean just rebalancing existing food. But I thought about it. And even add "Fix Mod" to my calculator (however it doesn't exist yet). I thought not just about food stats but about cooking in general.


Now I'm going to make a mod which additionally adds more foods for crock pot. It's for balancing purposes. But at first I have to finish another mod (Aquarium aka Aqvarium, it'is not finished because it must produce roe).


My mod will include:

 - new stats for existing foods (as fewer as possible)

 - new stats for existing foods in mods (take into account the fact that mods can be not installed)

 - changing in recipes

 - new recipes

 - new art (new dishes)

 - may be new game mechanics for food

 - may be vitamins

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Yeah... That's not what I meant by usable. For any form of decent code generation I need just the Health, Hunger and sanity values mapped to the in game prefab name preferrably with the display name available. The data is there but it's not currently in a format i can use for code gen.

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local function explode(str,delemiter)

return string.match(str,"(.*)"..delemiter.."(.*)"..delemiter.."(.*)"..delemiter.."([^\n\r]*)")


local f=io.open("foods.csv","r")

for s in f:lines() do

local prefab_name, hunger, sanity, health = explode(s,",")

if (sanity) then

AdjustFoodPostInit(prefab_name, hunger, sanity, health) --func from post #2




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