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  1. Ooh this looks awesome! I'll remove my mod when you guys update this one!
  2. I've updated this mod to work better with RoG.
  3. If anybody else is having issues with this mod, I am willing to upload a fixed version.
  4. Any update on the mod update? I'd like to take a stab at fixing the issues if the Devs aren't working on them. This is a really awesome mod that deserves to be compatible with RoG!
  5. For the record, outside the argument of whether or not it's offensive, "retarded" is not a medical term.
  6. Version 1.0


    This mod will prevent flingomatics from extinguishing your fires. Cheater! This applies to simple fires and firepits, standard and endothermic, and any mods that use the "campfire" tag.
  7. Hey Lawrence, I found a bug: For some reason when this mod is enabled, the science machine placer image is missing or invisible.
  8. DevilXD do you mind if I share this on Steam? I will give you credit and link to this page.
  9. Hey Simplex, I'm seeing an issue with this mod, it's crashing when the mod first loads. I have a log.txt for you here: I've picked around at your code a bit, and it seems the culprit is the "return" in modmain.lua, line 38 (leave the AddPrefabPostInit call, just remove the 'return' part). Unfortunately this is a side-effect of the MoonScript compiler, so I don't know how to fix it in your modmain.moon file.
  10. I made a mod that includes three badges: a count-up every .5 seconds to a maximum of 100a krampus meteran atmospheric moisture meter (to predict when it will rain/snow.. I'm not sure that's been done before but it was fun to stumble upon it!)They all work without any mods, and they all work "out of the box" with my updates to your SimpleHUD mod. Here's the code if you want to take a gander: Hah!
  11. So I tried these two mods and it turns out they both don't work "out of box". But there's good reasons! Thirst mod doesn't actually use the Badge widget, it uses the base Widget class so an edge case would have to be coded in, just like with the moisture widget, if you wanted to add support for that mod. Beatrice mod also didn't work with my changes. When I hovered over the badge, it would have both the inside/outside-bee-count text and the max-bee-count numbers in there at the same time (screenshot). I looked into the code and I found a small bug (no pun intended) in Beatrice. You're overriding the OnGainFocus and OnLoseFocus functions in Beatrice but you're not using the "best practice" of saving the old OnGainFocus and OnLoseFocus functions first. In fact, Beatrice only works with your original SimpleHUD "by coincidence". I suspect that Beatrice didn't actually work "OOB" with SimpleHUD, and you had to add the status.beebadge.isfocused=<boolean> lines in there to make it work. In my update to your SimpleHUD mod, I changed the isfocused variable to isFocused, which broke the requirement that Beatrice is relying on the external mod variable name. Beatrice shouldn't rely on a variable name from an external mod, but it does. But it's an easy fix! You can remove those lines and save the old versions of the overridden functions to make Beatrice completely agnostic of any SimpleHUD mods. It works by itself, it works with your old version of SimpleHUD, and it works with my updated version of SimpleHUD. It just works. =) Here's what you should change: I'm sorry to keep asking you to change your mods, but this seems like a good improvement to me.
  12. I hope you know I meant no offense to you by asking you for help first. I think you're a good coder who is active in the community, so you were a good choice to ask for help. If it was determined that it wasn't your mod that was causing the incompatibility, I fully intended to ask the other author to update his mod. As it turned out, my trying to change his mod didn't make things work, but changing yours did. I think I made the right call asking you for help before the other guy. Also I didn't mention it because I didn't think it was relevant, but I tried a couple different backpack mods and they all exhibited the same symptoms. Nobody's other badge mod had these symptoms with B&A (but I liked your interface better so I wanted to use yours). I did my research and your mod seemed to be the outlier. But I still think you're a good coder! Well I tested it with Woodie switching forms and it worked OOB. I will try it with beatrice, and there's a thirst mod that creates a new badge, I'll check that out too and report back.
  13. Yes! I thought that was brilliant when I saw Mouse doing that. Yep. I agree. My updates modify the Badge class post-construct, so anything using the Badge type is updated. It seems to work just fine, even though the specific badges are instantiated as sub-classes (I didn't have to modify the sub-classes at all). There's also no need to modify mod priorities or anything, which I think is kinda hackish. Mods should just work, as you say, the developer/user shouldn't have to update priority numbers based on whichever other mods the player happens to have loaded at the time. I have my updates complete if you want to see them. modmain.lua: modinfo.lua: Changes: Updated the function overrides to use AddClassPostConstruct for better compatibility.Added a configuration option to the mod config screen so the player doesn't have to modify a lua to turn off the clock temperature display in the game.I didn't update the version number or the author in modinfo.lua. You can do that if you want to use this to update your own mod.
  14. This makes sense if B&A is instantiating the badge objects so modifying the badge class in SimpleHUD is being done 'too late', as it were. I have been making some modifications to SimpleHUD to use AddClassPostConstruct and it has been working without setting any priorities for the mods, which leads me to believe that the AddClassPostConstruct method adds functionality after the objects have been constructed (hence the name, I guess). Mouse if you want to use my code I can send it to you when I'm finished. I still need to implement the temperature update you did the other day, and I also want to use the fancy mod config screen that was added in API 6 to toggle temperatures. I would also like to change the numbers to red or green if they're increasing or decreasing, but I'll leave that for another programming exercise for another day.