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  1. I believe I read somewhere they plan to make the swamp creatures tentacles regenerate...
  2. I'm glad to see more difficulty popping up. I was getting rather bored with don't starve feeling like I had conquered it rather entirely and there wasn't much more to see, do, or struggle against. I loved the whole struggle for survival aspect of it that I felt at the start.
  3. Hm... I like the extreme danger of engaging with new things. It actually makes a lot of sense to be cowardly. Also the wiki is OP, nerf the wiki.
  4. I think the level of healing you get from cooked food and honey is way too high as it is. I liked it at the beginning when I didn't have cooked food or honey and I felt like I had to be very cautious about what fights I got into. But that's really off topic to this discussion.
  5. I think if you put good meat with bad meat you would just have more bad meat. You don't put a fresh fruit with some moldy ones and expect it to counter the mold. You expect the fresh fruit to mold faster.
  6. Generally yeah most people throw away food at the first sign of it turning bad. That wouldn't hold true for you if you were up against starvation though. As to making everything simple it's certainly an option and as a rule of thumb simplicity is a laudable goal. However the game *is* called don't starve and so finding enough food to live should reasonably be expected to get a thorough treatment. I like the idea of some level of complexity in food preservation methods.
  7. Or not? Adding everything in as options or difficulty levels is a death trap for coherent, fun game design. If you have to account for every option people might be using you'll drive yourself mad trying to come up with a good experience for everyone. I think they should keep things as they are. No options and no difficulty levels.
  8. I registered finally so I could reply to this. I like the idea of food spoilage as a mechanic especially in a game called don't starve. However I'm a little iffy on your proposed implementation though. Although realism in games is not something I advocate for it's own state I think with a game mechanic that is closely related to something that people are familiar with in real life it should track with people's real life experiences because otherwise it won't feel right to them. Extremely fresh food vs marginally less fresh food is not really any less nutritive. Instead I and I think most people tend to judge food spoilage on a kind of ok -> iffy -> bad -> not food anymore kind of scale. And as food spoils I'm not so much worried about it losing it's ability to feed me as the likelihood that it will make me sick. The other thing about food spoiling is that once it starts the food quickly becomes inedible. A piece of fruit will be fine in a bowl for several days then one day it looks a little soft and the next it's covered in mold. With that in mind I think a system with the following stages would make more sense : Good to eat : No danger of food poisoning. This stage would last for most of the time it takes food to spoil say 80%. Starting to turn : Starting to smell feel a little off. Slightly reduced food value with a low chance of food poisoning. Definitely Not good to eat: Moderatley reduced food value but a good chance of food poisoning. After that it turns into goop or whatever. Food poisoning could result in you throwing up emptying much of your hunger meter and possibly causing health damage. That way when you have food spoiling you need to make the decision of should I risk it or throw it away like you do in real life versus just eat all the spoiling food because there's no danger it's just less effective. Eating spoiled food should also have an adverse effect on your sanity IMO. You could later add cellars that require a lot of work to dig out but can keep food fresh for a lot longer. Also don't forget fermentation on your list of methods to preserve food. Nothing like some good old homemade kraut. PS: Thank you for this game I have been enjoying it greatly.