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Hey guys! I didn't really know whether I should post this in art, music, and lore, or here in the videos section. Anyway for the past couple of days I've been doing livestreams of my comic in progress. The Adventures of Wilson P. Higgsbury, my fancomic, is about to reach a 25th page milestone. So I've been drawing pages 24-25 live as a special treat for readers and as a way that others can understand the process of making a comic and similar artwork. 


I plan to start updating this thread with the times that I will be streaming in advance. There will sometimes be music, but a lot of me talking as I make artwork. I'll be answering questions about the comic, characters, and the storyline I've been making, as well as any questions that anyone might have on my opinions of the actual game.


So stop on by to watch art and listen to a geek talk, it'll be fun!


The next stream starts in approx: 2 hours


You can find the link to my channel here:


Hope to see you there!

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Managed to finish the lineart and coloring of page 24 yesterday, as well as the lineart of page 25! Today I will be finishing up page 25 by adding the color and dialogue. Today's stream starts in approximately 3 hours. You can find the link above in the first post. 

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