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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.

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Found 12 results

  1. Ghostly's Art Stream

    Hey guys! I didn't really know whether I should post this in art, music, and lore, or here in the videos section. Anyway for the past couple of days I've been doing livestreams of my comic in progress. The Adventures of Wilson P. Higgsbury, my fancomic, is about to reach a 25th page milestone. So I've been drawing pages 24-25 live as a special treat for readers and as a way that others can understand the process of making a comic and similar artwork. I plan to start updating this thread with the times that I will be streaming in advance. There will sometimes be music, but a lot of me talking as I make artwork. I'll be answering questions about the comic, characters, and the storyline I've been making, as well as any questions that anyone might have on my opinions of the actual game. So stop on by to watch art and listen to a geek talk, it'll be fun! The next stream starts in approx: 2 hours You can find the link to my channel here:https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=TheGhostlyMuse Hope to see you there!
  2. Don't Starve Livestreaming

    Hello Everyone, I played this game a lot during the beta, had a chance to talk to some wonderful folks back then, saw the guys at the booth at both Pax's this year, and decided to pull the game out for a 2nd play. WOW did I miss a lot. I am getting more and more addicted to this game as time goes on. Since I'm only playing 'spooky' games this month I've been logging many hours again into Don't Starve and loving every minute of it. I still have much to learn but if you'd like to see the game through someone else's eyes or just share stories I'd like to invite you to come watch my livestream sometime. I don't ALWAYS play Don't Starve, just as a heads up. I hope this is okay of me to put in here mods? Cheers! Daniel aka Chicken http://twitch.tv/Chicken
  3. Hey everyone! Im going to attempt to live stream for the first time ever! Im going to stream for some time start to finish on don't starve! come check it out and chat to me and help me out!http://www.twitch.tv/tarzangamer
  4. I've been livestreaming Don't Starve quite a bit lately, and have uploaded some of the footage to Youtube. Not sure how interesting it is, since it's largely unedited and in big chunks, but I figured maybe someone might find it useful or interesting. I try to be informative as I play, so if you're a newer player you can see how I set up a base in under 20 days that allows me to survive over 80 days and complete my Teleportato. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2e8eGLT0_g Part one is here, the rest of that session is on my channel also.If you'd like to see more of that playthrough let me know, I still have the raw footage from my livestream that I could put up. I'm currently working on the next world, continuing on with all of my supplies from the first.
  5. Hello everybody! I'm going to be starting a new world with the updated client, attempting to survive in the caves for as long as possible. I'll be playing until I master this new and dangerous environment as my favorite character, Wickerbottom. Come stop by and say hello! Any advice or commentary on my progress would be most welcome, you could even join me on skype if you want to really join me for the ride.http://www.twitch.tv/wickedtribetvHere's the link for my twitch page, so check it out - I'll be starting the stream soon!
  6. Hey, ^^I decided to try out the Adventure mode. I'll be live streaming it, so feel free to join in. I read the chat while playing so if you want to say or ask anything, giving great advices on what to do, feel free to, :DI'll start the livestream in a few minutes.http://www.twitch.tv/ambaaahcast
  7. Hey guys! I have found a winter koalaphant! He was light blue and he dropped a special trunk! Unfortunately have I no science machine and I couldn't do anything with his trunk exept as eat it ): - - - Updated - - - And what encountered you guys?
  8. Hello mysticgamer here and i will be livestreaming on my channel if you miss it it will be on my youtube channel afterwardTwitch link http://www.justin.tv/mysticgamer1Youtube link http://www.youtube.com/user/mysticgamer83
  9. I have:- Titan Quest (key)- The basement Collection (key)- 10x Dota 2 (key or gift)- Commandos 2 (gift)- The Ship (gift)- Metro 2033 (key)I want:- Don't Starve (steam)
  10. Hello Modders!I would love to test out/show off your best mods through a YouTube video or during my livestream! I get a few hundred views on my DS videos on average and somewhere around 30 - 40 right now during my livestream.Respond to this post if you'd like to me check out your mod (or I may just lurk through all the posts and pick some myself) It seems it will be easier to turn them on and off sometime in the near future but I didn't want to wait til then to reach out or start making some videos about them.Thanks!
  11. Bee Infestation?

    I have a similiar problem as of this moment. I planted some bee mines in a field and when the pigmen activated they spawned tons of bees that now lag the west side of my base. I've taken to burning down all my berry bushes and saplings to cull the population but to very little avail. Right now I'm considering destroying my bee boxes and am currently using pigmen to wage war on the bee. Is there any other way to extermine these vermin?
  12. Sponsorship?

    Hello, I have been streaming Don't Starve lately (Twitch.tv), and I get a ton of people watching my stream, and at least 5 have already bough the game because of it. Click here for my channel now my question/suggestion is, ( I don't know where to put this topic elsewhere ), could u give me some serial codes to give away, and improve my viewers even more, and the people who will actually buy it as well, since they will join the give away and maybe even buy the game . -Sander (Mister Nomercy)