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Help the dummy please!


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So I recently bought this fun little game on the Chrome App. The only problem is that I cant for the life of me seem to find where my free copy of the game went. I got my game up and running fine. But trying to find my free cd key is proving troublesome, I've tried browsing the app, checking my e-mail. I've looked on search engines to see if anyway has the same problem, I looked for possibly a walkthrough of how to do it. I guess I'm just blind and dumb :p

So if anyone could possibly walk me through how to get to my free copy of the game I'd appreciate it a lot. I feel like the solution is obvious, but I feel like.. I just cant figure it out for some odd reason.

I'm also sorry if this is posted somewhere on this forum. Again.. dumb dumb just cant find the answer. Thanks for all your help in advance :)

Problem solved! I knew it was something easy and stupid. It was right in my junkmail folder. but I was using Mozilla Thunderbird to check my mail, and it does not show my junk folder from there.

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Found the issue
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Welcome!:) It should have been delivered to your email but, if it wasn't then you should contact a moderator.

Right So I went back and re-checked my e-mail and the only confirmation I have is a google wallet e-mail telling me about my purchase for the game but I do not see a spare CD key for it or another e-mail telling me about the key.So what I have to do is contact a moderator and tell them of my situation? Is there anything I need to provide as proof that I did not get the spare key?
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